what is road kill bingo

what is road kill bingo

Roadkill bingo is a game that consists of 24 different animal pictures. These images are placed in a random group and usually appear printed on either cardboard or paper.

The game was originally played in vehicles on long distance journeys in order to make the time pass a little quicker.

A bingo blotter is used to mark off the squares in the grid. These squares are usually marked off when a dead specimen of one of these animals is seen.

Small poker chips can also be used to mark off the spotted dead animals.

The object of the game is to spot a sequence of five dead animals in the same column on the bingo card. In the traditional form of the game, the first player to see the roadkill is the player allowed to mark off the matching picture.

Once a player has marked off five of the animals in a row, they are then entitled to yell ‘bingo!’. This should be shouted out both loudly and clearly! This will in turn notify the other players of a win.

The player that gains bingo will often receive a prize. This prize is usually determined prior to play and could be anything from a small gift to a large cash payout.

Spotting five dead animals in a diagonal row is also counted as a win just as marking down all four corners may also be counted as a ‘bingo’ win!

The centre square is usually left blank and no dead animal will be spotted on this part of the card. Dispute may arise when two players spot the roadkill at the same time. Players seated towards the front of the vehicle may have more of an advantage. This is why it is wise to choose your seating wisely!