So you Want To Be a Croupier


If you’ve ever played roulette, then you have seen the casino personnel who spins the wheel and manages the game. This person is known as a croupier. Many who enjoy the game of roulette see this as being an exciting profession. They often wonder just how does one become a croupier.

Even though more and more people are playing roulette online, the land based casinos still need croupiers. There are no formal qualifications for one to obtain a career as a croupier. However, there are some specialized courses that offer croupier training. Colleges also offer other courses that could enhance this training such as gambling studies and casino operations. Even with this type of formalized training, casinos will also offer in house training. This will provide croupiers with the method in which the casino does business. It also provides expectations specific to that establishment. The British Casino Association has a website which provides listing of casinos which can be contacted in regards to a career as a croupier