Playing blackjack on the internet

Blackjack is a fairly simple game and can be played online. The game of blackjack commences with a wager. The player chooses how much they want to bet. Many online blackjack games may have limits as to the minimum wager posted on their site. After all of the players finished making their wagers, then dealing begins. A hand consists at the least of two cards. The dealer’s cards are dealt with one face down and one face up. However, all of the cards dealt to players are put face up on the table.

The object of blackjack is to obtain a score of 21. The score is determined by adding the value of one’s cards. The king, queen and jack all count as 10 points. The numbered cards are the same number of points as their number. The ace is a versatile card which can be counted either as one point or eleven depending upon which is more advantageous for the players. IF a player’s card count exceeds 21, then they bust which means they look. If a player and the dealer have the same highest card count, then it is known as a push. That means there is no winner.

When a player is dealt their two cards, they have some options. They may opt to get another card which is referred to as hitting. This is an attempt to get closer to 21. They may opt to not take a card at all which is known as standing. Dealers have certain criteria to following when taking more cards. For example, most of the time they have to take another card if their cards total 16 or below. Anything higher they can stand. The exact rules vary from game to game. Make sure when playing online blackjack to read the rules so you can play more effectively.