Casino slot machine history

Casino slot machine history

Slot machines have long been popular in both online and land based casino games. Slot machines can vary in design depending upon their age. Many people are surprised when they learn that slot machines aren’t a new invention. They actually have been around for quite some time now.

The first slot machine was created in the late 1800′s. It was created by a man named Charles Fey who was from the United States. This first slot machine was known as the Liberty Bell. The name stemmed from the fact that a Liberty Bell symbol was included on the machine’s reels. The biggest payout with this machine involved having your spin land on the Liberty Bells. Three of these exactly would provide the most money payout. The Liberty Bell slot machine also featured other symbols on its reels including spades, horseshoes, hearts and diamonds.

Once the creation of the Liberty Bell became public knowledge, more and more people wanted to play these new machines. Therefore, slot machines became produced in mass to attempt to meet this demand. At the time of the Liberty Bell’s invention, many places did not permit gambling, therefore, some slot machines were designed to payout chewing gum in lieu of money. These chewing gum machines also changed the images on their reels to different fruit illustrations. Specifically the fruit used were the flavours of chewing gum one could win. Despite the passage of over 100 years, many slot machines today still feature these fruit symbols. However, they no longer pay out chewing gum.

In the later part of the 1960′s, the slot machine again underwent a change. Electro-mechanics were integrated into the slot machine which allows the machine to be run more automatically. This meant that a casino attendant was no longer needed to monitor the machine. The machine could automatically payout winnings. This newly designed slot machine did not necessarily need to have a lever on it but many still remained in case a player preferred to use it.

The next major change in slot machines came in 1996. At this time, video gaming was integrated into the machine. Currently, this is the most used sort of slot machine.