Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean stud poker

Online casinos offer many different varieties of poker in order to keep their players entertained.  Often times these poker variations can be rare and few people know how to play them.  However they generally are easy to learn and once players have experience them they come back for more.  One such game would be Caribbean Stud Poker.

In the family of stud poker, Caribbean Stud Poker integrates aspects of both blackjack and poker in its play.  Unlike other poker games, the players are competing against the dealer.  This is more like the traditional game of blackjack.  Therefore with Caribbean Stud Poker there is no need to bluff.  Therefore this is a very good variety of poker to play in an online casino where bluffing tactics are not as effective.  In Caribbean stud poker the ratings of the hands are exactly like those in traditional poker.

At the beginning of the game, players ante up as is typical of poker.  Each player as well as the dealer is given five cards. All of these are placed face down on the table.  One of the dealer’s cards will be flipped over for all to see.  After studying their hands players can do several things.  They may choose to fold their hand or they may choose to play.  At the conclusion of the betting round the dealer will then reveal his cards.  The dealer will see which player has a hand that beats theirs any players that have a hand that exceeds that of the dealer are winners.  Again this is much like the game of blackjack.  Next time you read an online casino and see Caribbean Stud Poker being offered, check out this fun game!