by Signe Lloyd

One table game that can be found in both online and land based casinos is baccarat. In the game of baccarat, players are matched against the dealer rather than each other. A game of baccarat can be played with a lot of players. In fact, a game may have almost 15 people in it. In order to keep large games like this moving, multiple dealers are involved. Sometimes there can be as many as three. The object of the game of baccarat is to obtain a hand with a count as close to nine as possible without going over nine.

Game Play

Like most card games, it starts with an ante where players put in a bet to play. After this, two cards are then dealt to each player. After the deal, a round of betting ensues. Player must determine which kind of bet they are making. There can be 3 different kinds of bets which are for the dealer, player or tie. The bet players make are predicting who will win the round. The player or dealer whose hand is closest to nine wins.

Card Values

The cards have different values in the game of baccarat. Aces count for one point. The ten as well as all face cards are worth 0. The high value cards in this game are the numbered cards. They count for the amount imprinted on the card. So, if a player has a 5, then they have 5 points.