Irish Hold ‘Em Poker

Games of community card poker have become quite popular. One of these is of course, Texas Hold ‘Em. However, many people do not realize that there are other versions of community card poker. One of these variations is known as Irish Hold ‘Em Poker.

Irish Hold ‘Em Poker is actually very easy to learn which accounts for some of its growing popularity. The rules and game play of Irish Hold ‘Em Poker are very similar to another game of community poker known as Omaha Poker. When playing Irish hold ‘em poker, wagering begins the game. A player must make a wager into the pot in order to play that hand of Irish Hold ‘Em Poker. At the end of the wagering, players are then each dealt four cards face down. After the dealing of these cards, another round of betting occurs. Players have some options at this point in the game. They may opt to call, fold, or raise. Calling mean they just match the wager on the table. If they want to increase the wager on the table then they would do what is referred to as raising the wager. Folding simply means that a player does not think they have a very good hand and chooses to get out of the game rather than putting in anymore of their money.

After the wagering, something known as the flop happens. Three community cards are dealt on the table. After this two more cards will be dealt in individual rounds. Each card is revealed one by one after a separate round of betting happens. These cards can be used by all players in building their poker hands. This gives them a total of seven cards to use to build a five card hand. Players must discard two cards from their hand. After all five community cards have been dealt and betting concludes, the hands are revealed. The player with the higher hand is declared the winner. The usual poker rankings apply.

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